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Partial Withdrawal at Platinum Play Casino

Partial Withdrawal at Platinum Play Casino

Platinum Play Casinos are known for their wide variety of games, plenty of flash and fun, and their bonuses. But they also take good care of their player's money. There are numerous ways to deposit the funds and options available for full or partial withdrawal at Platinum Play of deposits and winnings. Players with Platinum Play accounts can rest assured that your funds will be safe and available for partial withdrawals.

Opening an Account

The first step to getting a Platinum Play withdrawal, partial or full, is to set up a Platinum Play account. Once you have done that, made your initial deposit and earned the Welcome Bonus currently running, you are ready to start winning.

Steps to Opening a Platinum Play Account
  • Go to the website
  • Click on Sign-Up and get your Welcome Bonus
  • Read and Accept the license agreement
  • Complete the application
  • Click on Create Account

You can now make your first deposit and claim your Welcome Bonus. You can use web wallet, Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer and others for your Platinum Play account. You can accumulate funds on that card until you need to make a full or partial withdrawal at Platinum Play.


Do you want to keep a balance on your account?

Many players prefer to leave the balance on their Platinum Play account for the next time they log back in. It's extremely gratifying to be able to log in and play with monies you have already earned. And if you need additional funds, you can easily add money to your account. Usually the players only want a full or partial withdrawal of the Platinum Play account when they win big.

Steps to request a partial or full withdrawal

For security reasons, for a full or partial Platinum Play withdrawal, you might be asked to provide copies of your Driver's License, a copy of a recent utility bill (water, gas, or telephone) and a copy of your credit card (front and back) that you made the initial or most recent deposit with. This information verifies that you are who you say you are, verify your mailing address, and show that you paid the initial deposit. There is, unfortunately, a great deal of fraud in this industry and Platinum Play tries to do what they can to ensure your money is safe. They certainly do not want to transfer a full or partial withdrawal of your Platinum Play monies to the wrong person.

  • In the Platinum Play software, Click on Bank and then Withdrawal
  • Read Terms and Conditions
  • Select your preferred option to receive the payment
  • Indicate the amount of full or partial distribution you want to receive
  • There is then a Pending Period of at least 24 hours in which you can still stop the full or partial distribution if you change your mind
  • The full or partial withdrawal from Platinum Play will be processed on the day it is released from the pending period

Issues you may encounter when requesting a partial or full withdrawal

  • There may be cancellation cost incurred for certain withdrawal methods for full or partial distribution.
  • The portion of your partial withdrawal less than or equal to the original deposit amount will be paid to you through the payment option that was used for the original deposit.
  • Any other partial balance owed to you can be withdrawn however you wish.
  • Certain web wallets have an eight-day waiting period for withdrawals full or partial.
  • Some countries have restrictions for withdrawals, full or partial, through Visa and MasterCard .
  • Platinum Play pays out withdrawals, full or partial, as soon as possible, however your banking institute may have restrictions and their own waiting periods.
  • Withdrawals, full or partial, may be subject to processing fees.

Soplatinum play + withdraw when you request a full or partial withdrawal at Platinum Play from your account, rest assured they will do the best they can to execute your request as quickly as possible, but also be aware there are a lot of other factors that may play into when those full or partial Platinum Play withdrawal funds are dispensed.

Online gambling has surged by over 25%, changing gambling forever

COVID-19 has closed down land based casinos for months worldwide and some have only recently started partial re-opening with a decidedly different look. No card games, less slot machines, no amenities, hand washing stations and not much flash. Internet casino gambling has seen a huge surge in popularity and many of the players are new to online play and want to know how partial withdrawals work with online play for partial withdrawal from Platinum Play.

We, land based players, are accustomed to cashing our chips in each night. Then we start all over the next day. We have to spend time buying chips and then hopefully cashing chips in at the end of the night. At Platinum Play, you just log out and when you come back you have money to play with. You have access to full or partial Platinum Play withdrwals. No driving back and forth to the casino. No waiting in-line when you are feeling really lucky. It feels great when it's one of those nights when you just want to play, but don't have those extra funds in your hand, but they have been saved up in your account. It's very convenient to use an account to put deposits and to get partial withdrawals. It is really cool to have money accumulated there to gamble with. Or when you really need the money you can get a full or partial withdrawal from Platinum Plus.

Good Luck with your online gaming!